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Lars, ja!

Welcome to my sister's and my very own little slice of Swedish Cyberspace.

Here you will find information about both us and our exploits in your wonderful country of the UK, no?

We hope that you likings our England adventures and hope you have a warm journey with us, Ingrid my sister will no doubt reveal herself fully to you all very soon and you can catch up with both of our backgrounds and likes and dislikes.

Stora delar av korv för alla!

Lars från Sverige

Ingrid, ja!

Hello, my name is Ingrid and I am the younger sister of Lars. I am working in little England as an aupair and I am enjoying myself much.

Please join our community and share with us our adventures together. I hope we become much better acquainted and intimate together.( I think that is the right expression, ja? I was taught it by a sailor that I met in Portsmouth - very nice!)

My brother Lars is a masseur and he likes very much giving the jobs with the hands - you see the family resemblance? (I'm the pretty one! HeeHee!)